28 Mar

Photo Credit: Softball AustraliaFollowing the successful staging of the inaugural Summer Slam – Fully Loaded Softball series, Softball Australia today officially launched the world’s first format to Clubs and Associations.
Fully Loaded Softball has been developed to encapsulate everything exciting about the sport in a competitive, fast paced game, all wrapped up within 60 minutes.

The new format was broadcast live and in primetime across Australia through FOX SPORTS Australia as well as internationally through the three-day Summer Slam tournament at Blacktown International Sportspark.

“The softball community saw just how exciting the Fully Loaded Softball format can be thanks to three days of live prime-time coverage on FOX SPORTS Australia in February,” said David Pryles, Chief Executive Officer at Softball Australia.

“We’ve already seen great reports of clubs trialling Fully Loaded Softball games and tournaments and we look forward to reaching more clubs and in turn, new softballers by working with our state bodies in delivering the new format.”

Fully Loaded Softball begins with loaded bases at the start of each inning, shorter home run fences and wraps up in three innings per side.

There is no defensive time out or conferences and no warm up pitches, combined with a 30 second changeover between innings, what results is an action packed, fast and fun game which will continue to instil the core skills of softball in its purest form.

Variations of the format, including a slow pitch version, have been developed to ensure players of all skill level and age groups can enjoy Fully Loaded Softball.

“Our overall goal with Fully Loaded Softball is to increase our participation numbers nationwide through returning and new softball players,” added Pryles.

“This new format is the perfect balance between introducing people to the game, while still satisfying the appetite of our softballer who plays for their club every weekend.

“The feedback we received from international calibre softballers during the Summer Slam was overwhelmingly positive, and we can’t wait to see that experience shared at grass roots and club level.”

Softball Australia has now provided a suite of assets to governing state bodies with interested Clubs and Associations provided access to assist in promoting the Fully Loaded Softball format.

For more information on facilitating the Fully Loaded Softball format or playing, visit the Fully Loaded Softball page of the www.fullyloadedsoftball.com.au website.

Alternatively, contact Softball Australia, your relevant state office or closest Club/Association.

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